Thursday, October 16, 2008

Women Who Like Crossdressers

I am thirty-nine, and I have been wearing panties and sexy lingerie for many years. It all started when I was nine. I slept over at my cousin’s house, and I forgot a change of clothes. So, I put on a pair of satin string bikini panties that were hers. I got so aroused. She saw me in them and said I looked sexy. Now I’m thirty-nine, and I have a whole drawer full of panties, teddies, garter belts, stockings, and tie-side bikini swimsuits. My wife does not mind this. I tried to hide it at first. Then, while we were having sex, she wore a teddy with garters and stockings. I told her my fantasy about wearing lingerie while having sex, and she agreed to it. Ever since, she buys me so much lingerie and panties. So, guys, it does not hurt to reveal this. Your sex will be hotter, and it drives women crazy when they see you in panties. Just posted some pictures of me and my wife dressed in matching lingerie, click on my picture to view my crossdressing gallery.

Nylon Crossdresser

I love to wear ladies nylon lingerie. I have been wearing it since I was young when I used to wear my mums panties and petticoats. My most daring and exciting time was going to work wearing my lingerie outfit under my male clothes. I wore suspenders and stockings, panties, bra, petticoat, a half slip and camisole. I find this to be very sensuous, exciting, and daring. It keeps me semi-aroused all day. I can then enjoy a great orgasm at the end of the day. I have lots more pictures of myself in sexy lingerie just click on my picture.

Wearing Womans Lingerie

I am a bi-sexual male that really loves wearing lingerie. Just tonight, I left my house wearing loose pants and when I got a few blocks away, I slipped them off to reveal my red mini-skirt, matching garter belt, and opaque black thigh highs with a six inch lace trim at the top. Just walking around at night fully exposed like that made me all fluttery inside. I even stopped at a park bench and changed into a high cut thong and tight latex mini with fishnet thigh highs. I love my lingerie collection and my mini skirts that show my garter belts. They make me hot. I have many albums with pictures of me crossdressing, just click on my picture to view them.

Women Love Crossdressers

I love to wear bras, panties, lingerie and pantyhose under my clothes. I have a couple women that know I do this and they love it. They get me things like nighties, lingerie, mini skirts, pantyhose, and one time, a pair of heels. We go out all the time when I am "underdressed". I can't pass and don't want to, but a few times we've gone out when I was wearing the pantyhose, mini skirt, and heels. I think it turns them on as much as it does me! I am very lucky. I do have more pictures of me crossdressing and a few with the woman who enjoy me dressing, just click on my picture.