Thursday, October 16, 2008

Women Who Like Crossdressers

I am thirty-nine, and I have been wearing panties and sexy lingerie for many years. It all started when I was nine. I slept over at my cousin’s house, and I forgot a change of clothes. So, I put on a pair of satin string bikini panties that were hers. I got so aroused. She saw me in them and said I looked sexy. Now I’m thirty-nine, and I have a whole drawer full of panties, teddies, garter belts, stockings, and tie-side bikini swimsuits. My wife does not mind this. I tried to hide it at first. Then, while we were having sex, she wore a teddy with garters and stockings. I told her my fantasy about wearing lingerie while having sex, and she agreed to it. Ever since, she buys me so much lingerie and panties. So, guys, it does not hurt to reveal this. Your sex will be hotter, and it drives women crazy when they see you in panties. Just posted some pictures of me and my wife dressed in matching lingerie, click on my picture to view my crossdressing gallery.

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